About Bloggermind and the HeadlessGeek

Hi, I’m Jadah Cooper and I write Bloggermind.net, the idea came up when I reach certain point in life when I realized that all the knowledge you acquire means nothing if you don’t passed it around; The hours we spend in front of our computers trying to solve a problem, days trying to figure out how to configure hardware and mostly how to save some time and money.

You don’t have to be looking around because we already did it for you. I am introducing the HeadlessGeek which will be teaching you technology the human way, and then turn u into a bloggerminded geek, like me.

I own a networking products distribution company ( SISCOM ) since the year 2000 , always trying to find the best products at the best prices, as well as ways of getting my customers to save money by using opensource software solutions in real life situations, helping them learn the skills of Blogging, Social Networking, Hardware and Software.

Trying to build an online community of software developers, web developers, Internet marketers, IT consultants and tech gurus who are all enthusiastic about making contacts, networking, and learning from each other.

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